Coconut oil and why your skin will love it

By now, almost everyone has heard about how amazing coconut oil is. In the Caribbean (like most tropical locales around the world), it has had so many uses over the years, that you might start to think it was the answer to all of life’s problems!

Funny enough, the coconut palm tree from which it grows has been nicknamed “The Tree of Life” because all of its parts are useful to mankind in some capacity. Anyways, now that one of the "best kept secrets" is out, here are a few reasons as to why it is so well loved across the islands:

  • Coconut oil conditions, moisturizes and softens skin all without clogging your pores. 
  • It helps to protect against sun damage, which means it has some anti-aging properties. Less wrinkles anyone?
  • It reduces inflammation and heals damaged skin, which is why people with eczema love our scrubs. 
  • Naturally antimicrobial thanks to high levels of a certain saturated fatty acid called lauric acid. Cue flashbacks to biochemistry class!

So, while there is no guarantee that using coconut oil will solve all of your problems, it will definitely leave you with some really soft, hydrated skin. Plus, you'll smell like cookies!



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