Meet the Founders

About Joyce and Erica
Originally from Calgary and now based in Toronto, Joyce and Erica’s love for indulgent self-care extends into their daily lifestyle through the practice of yoga and their passion for travel. Joyce and Erica bring their collective expertise and shared passion to creating products that not only make your skin feel amazing, but smell as good as a day under the tropical sun.
A little bit more about Joyce
Co-founder and Lead Strategist

From as far back as her childhood spent in Jamaica, Joyce has always regarded exfoliation as an essential part of her skin care routine. She loved experimenting with an abundance of natural ingredients, that were easily available from her grandmother’s garden and around the island.

After moving to Calgary and starting a family, she made sure to pass on the importance of exfoliating to her daughter, Erica. Joyce continued using natural ingredients that could keep both her and her daughter’s highly sensitive skin soft, while withstanding those harsh prairie winters.

As a working mom, she developed solid business skills and experience through postgraduate studies and operating successful businesses in the auto and legal sectors. All of which unknowingly paved the way for her to become the lead strategist of Island Joy.

About little bit more about Erica
Co-founder and Principal Formulator

As a child, Erica was always in the kitchen doing experiments and dipping into her mom's skincare products because even back then, she knew that glowing skin was essential!
Erica was ahead of the curve, creating in-home beauty treatments that the women in her family "loved" to try (who could turn down an excited 8-year old!). It's no surprise that she ended up with a couple of degrees in science, that allowed her to hone her skills and become the principal
formulator of Island Joy.