Meet the Founders

For mother-daughter duo Joyce and Erica, body scrubs have always been at the centre of any indulgent body care routine. From as far back as Joyce’s childhood spent in the islands, where even the simplest of ingredients - from the sand beneath your feet to the sea before your eyes - could be blended into a homemade body treatment, creating scrubs has been woven into the fabric of their lives.

Originally from Calgary, Joyce and Erica have experimented with an abundance of natural ingredients over the years that could keep their highly sensitive skin soft while withstanding those harsh prairie winters. In 2014 during a study session for one of Erica’s exams, she blended some of their favourite ingredients into a sugar scrub, which landed in the hands of friends and family, and just like that, by accident, the Island Joy brand was born.

Their Jamaican-Antiguan heritage and Joyce’s strong connection to growing up in the islands led them to create a collection that captured the essence of the Caribbean. Now based in Toronto, Joyce and Erica’s zest for indulgent self-care extends into their daily lifestyle through the practice of yoga and their passion for travel. Joyce (with a background in legal services) and Erica (with a background in science) bring their collective expertise and shared passion to creating products of indulgence that not only make your skin feel amazing, but smell as good as a day under the tropical sun.